Lindgrün bis Kohlrabenschwarz : - Ein Wandfarbenkatalog aus kleinen aber durchaus besonderen Merkel - Bildern.Möglicher Weise nun auch ein ganz besonderer Mode Schlager dieser oder jener Generation!Oder  @ST.P2020

RETRO  NEWS                                                                                      @ST.P2020

RÜCKBLICKE                                                                           HORSES & DREAMS

RÜCKBLICKE                                                                         MEDIA ART FESTIVAL

MRS. GREENBIRD „Sometime you need to take a step back to focus on what’s really important“ After years on the road, hundreds of concerts, sold out and awarded tours and two full length and even chart topping records, produced in Germany and Nashville, Sarah Nuecken and Steffen Brueckner, the heads and hearts behind the German country folk pop duo „Mrs. Greenbird“ needed to reconsider their standpoint: What is really important in music and in life? In the quest for answers, Mrs. Greenbird decided to cut all ties and reposition themselves. No dead weight, just a focus on good old handmade music with heart and soul. Back to the roots, if you like. This decision was followed by many concerts as a duo, sometimes only picked up with a single microphone but with a clear focus to connect with the audience and to celebrate music and life on the never ending quest to make the world a little bit better with every chord. In June 2018 Mrs. Greenbird take the final step towards independence and release their self-produced single „One Day in June“ on their own record label „Greenbird Records“, the first forerunner of their newly released record „Dark Waters“. Mrs. Greenbird were never gone but they are here like they never were before. More honest, more direct, matured, intimate, more personal and with a lot more room for experiments. Their trademark sound still has a lot of guitars, sometimes driving, sometimes spherical, weeping lap steels, a dreamy piano, Sarah’s distinctive voice, playful and poetic lyrics as well as beautifully arranged close harmony vocals. Call it Singersongwritercountryfolkpop, call it Americana, call it what you want. You need to experience it for yourself, the unique sound of Mrs. Greenbird.

RÜCKBLICKE                                                                           HORSES & DREAMS

Analoge Kameras                                           Qualität ist kein Zufall @ST.P2020


RÜCKBLICKE 2/X                                                                         VFL OSNABRÜCK

Vespa Retro                                                                        Qualität ist kein Zufall

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